Recent Releases

ATX91137-1Ru (Reveille Russet)

This attractive, early-maturing russet potato variety was selected for it's wide adaptability including Texas and many other regions in the United States. Selection was targeted to tolerance of drastic weather conditions, taste, appearance and high marketable-count tubers.

Texas Russet Norkotah Strains (112, 223, 278, 296)

These strains of Russet Norkotah were selected for adaptations to the Texas environment. Selection was targeted at superior vine strength, Verticillium tolerance, and yield potential.

TX1523-1Ru/Y (Sierra Gold™)

A yellow fleshed russet variety selected for specialty market appeal.

ATTX961014-1R/Y (Sierra Rose™)

A yellow fleshed red-skin variety selected for specialty market appeal.