ATTX961014-1R/Y (Sierra Rose™)

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A90601RDY x Mazama

Texas A&M University
Texas A&M AgriLife Research

High yield and counts of < 4oz and 4-6 oz tubers – does not tend to oversize. Attractive red skin with yellow flesh. Higher fresh market quality than Red LaSoda - similar to Yukon Gold.

Incentives for Production:
Gourmet yellow flesh/red-skin potato for the specialty market.

Seed Availability:
Production contracts may be available from Cal-Ore Seed, Inc., Oakdale, CA.

Morphological Characteristics

Medium vine, medium open plant type, semi-erect growth habit. Maturity is early – similar to Yukon Gold. Higher stem number, tubers per plant, and smaller tubers than Yukon Gold or Red LaSoda. Flowers are purple-lavender.

Slightly longer than Yukon Gold or Red LaSoda, but similar in uniformity. Eyes are distributed more heavily near the apical end and have medium depth. Eyebrows are slightly prominent. Yellow flesh is similar to Yukon Gold. Total glycoalkaloids are low, slightly less than Yukon Gold, but somewhat less than Red LaSoda.

Agronomic Characteristics

Early (Similar to Yukon Gold but earlier than Red LaSoda).

Oblong, red skin, yellow flesh.

Yield: Medium (Higher than Yukon Gold, less than Red LaSoda).

Specific Gravity:
Higher than Red LaSoda but less than Yukon Gold.

Culinary Quality:
Similar baking, boiling, and microwave results to Red LaSoda and Yukon Gold.

Slightly spreading vine, not sensitive to metribuzin application.

Susceptible to foliar late blight, but reported to be slightly less susceptible to tuber late blight. Susceptible to PLRV, PVX, PVY, PVS, and early die. Moderately susceptible to verticilium, early blight, common scab and rhizoctonia.

Medium dormancy. Stores equal to if not better than Red LaSoda or Yukon Gold.