TX1523-1Ru/Y (Sierra Gold™)

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Krantz x Delta Gold

Texas A&M University
Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
Plant Variety
Protection: Applied For (PVP No. 200200202)

High resistance to hollow heart and brown center and, in general, low incidence of internal and external defects noted during evaluation. Good early yields. Excellent tablestock qualities, especially microwave product.

Some susceptibility to shatter bruise.

Incentives for Production:
Specialty market appeal, yellow flesh with russet skin.

Seed Availability:
Certified seed may be available from Cal-Ore Seed, Inc., Oakdale, CA.

Morphological Characteristics

Medium to small vine, medium open. Slightly higher stem number than Yukon Gold. Flowers are lavender. Not sensitive to metribuzin application.

Slightly flattened, smooth, oval tubers with light uniform russet skin but much lighter than Russet Norkotah. Net is fine to medium. Eyes are shallow and distributed more heavily near the apical end. Eyebrows are slightly prominent. Yellow flesh is similar to Yukon Gold. Total glycoalkoloids are low.

Agronomic Characteristics

Medium early (slightly later than Yukon Gold).

Oval-oblong, slightly flattened, tan netted, skin yellow flesh.

Yield: Medium.

Specific Gravity:
Same or slightly less than Yukon Gold.

Culinary Quality:
Excellent for tablestock, especially microwaved. Reported to be superior to Yukon Gold in french fry color and combined sensory scores.

Medium spreading vine, not sensitive to metribuzin application.

More resistant to common scab and black scurf than Yukon Gold. Susceptible to foliar late blight but reported to be less susceptible to tuber late blight, PLRV, PVX, PVY, PVS, and PVM than Yukon Gold or Russet Norkotah.

Dormancy is shorter than Yukon Gold. Generally stored well in commercial tests.